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Illustration By Hildos ©2013

Good morning Beirut, Good morning Hamra, Good morning NYC

Well 2013 is here and of course New Year’s resolutions lists are here So of course I have a long one that I might share it with you later, but the most interesting item on the list is the one I have been procrastinating since August 2011 so I decided I am going to start it this year… what is it?

Well my blog sounds lame but I promise you it will not include a lecture, sermons, must haves healthy habits, lifestyle, politics,….or sex and the city or whatever shit there is on the web, just something personal and real true experience, that might make you cry or laugh (the latter most of the time). About Hildos and 2 of her friends, let’s call them Anarzo and Jag … Mmmm well let us start from the beginning… I was in NYC taking a class with Milton Glaser who till now wasn’t really impressed by my work 🙁 yah sad face. The course was so hectic and I was driven by adrenaline rush, I needed it because of all the homework, staying up all night and the excitement of NYC…For those who have visited NYC I think they know what I am talking about and the thrill they get just getting out of JFK

So back to our subject well D-Day-1 August 4, this is when it happened:

MG asked us to write about our perfect day in 5 years ….

First reaction: Hhhh? What the F**K? How the hack should I know?

Second reaction: OMG I have to share it with strangers?

I already shared my first project and MG showed my project to the class and said and I quote “this is exactly what I don’t want you to do” Hildos:(yah another sad face as BAM wrote in his diary….

Well it was optional to do it so I decided not to do it but for those who know me well and how determined I am, I still went to my laptop and started writing till late night…

D-day August 5, I printed the essay but I was hesitant to read it and to share it with my classmates but again for those who know me well of course I did! And everybody was listening and at the end MG said and I quote ‘I felt I was watching a movie’ yey a compliment from my hero 🙂 ! And from my classmates too 🙂 yah smiley face 🙂 Well yah I know it’s not about getting the compliment or impress people I guess it was more about validation, and I was there to learn like everybody who attended! but still MG loved it yey ☺

And then it came… what?

The most important moment which is the realization that I am so far away from my perfect day, more like in a different direction,


And on all levels job wise, relationship wise and location wise. Hmmm… this had to change especially that I was on the verge to starting a new decade… new start right?! And the funny thing a lot of us in the class felt that too, well at least those I am still in touch with especially Jag and BAM.

Well easy said than done, it took me 6 months of reflections, workshops, seminars, retreats, meditations all the shin ding and more important long discussions with X my imaginary friend (yes he is back, I wonder if he left anyway) but finally I decided to suck it up, gather my guts and take a leap. Well again for those who know me well I am clumsy (another talent of mine), so I fell really hard if you get my grip… but again for those who know me well and as the song ‘I get knocked down but I am up again you will never gonna keep me down’.

The road is still bumpy, curvy and long but I am getting there…enjoying the trip….yah well let’s stay positive it’s the New Year….

Well to sum it up what I am trying to do, is not giving life lessons but sharing a real experience to inspire other to take the road less taken, to follow your passion no matter how old you are. The road is bumpy and curved, make mistakes, do something new (I tried using my laptop without a mouse today TOTAL FLOP!!) ask for help, cry, laugh its part of the drill just keep the people who see beauty in you when you feel dirty, crumbled and dark… and laugh along the way it’s a good abs exercise for those interested in having a six pack… Food for a thought

Stay tuned more laughs and events are coming….

Written by

Hilda Abla aka Hildos is Lebanese-Armenian artist living in Brooklyn. She started her artistic venture when she was 5 at the children art program at Lebanese American University, through which she pursued her Bachelor of Fine Arts later on. She is also holder of a master degree in Marketing and Communications from ESCP-EAP and attended painting residencies at School of Visual Arts. She exhibited her art work in several venues in Beirut and New York City and was featured in several magazines such as New York Art Magazine and Art Fuse. She believes that art comes with a responsibility and a message and her latest commitment is directed to changing the way women view their bodies and themselves and ‘Seeing beauty in Imperfection’.

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