May 2021, Grounded, Sleepcenter, New York City, NY-USA

August 2020, Sketchbook Project, Brooklyn Art Library, Brooklyn, NY-USA

Sketchbook Project is a crowd-sourced library that features 36,100 artists’ books contributed by creative people from 135+ countries. Project Title: Hildos in the City, Description: Sketches and Drawing about my experiences in NYC

July 2020, Greenpoint Gallery Summer Online Exhibit  Brooklyn, NY-USA

December 2018, The Owl’s Head Art fair,  Brooklyn, NY-USA

December 2017, US For The Arts Winter Show, The Wall GalleryBrooklyn, NY-USA

October 2017, Planet X: An All Female Lifestyle Art Event, NYC Grind  Brooklyn, NY-USA

September 2017, Bushwick Open studios, Beyond Studios  Brooklyn, NY-USA

November 2016, Works of Art, Bushwick Street Art Brooklyn, NY-USA

April 2016, Greenpoint Open Studio 2016, Brooklyn, NY-USA

September 2015, Greenpoint Gallery 1ST GRAND SALON SHOW of the 2015 Fall Season, Brooklyn, NY-USA

June 2015, CAP at Bushwick Open StudiosBrooklyn, NY-USA

April 2015, Flesh: Exposed, City Bird Gallery, New York City, NY-USA

March 2015, GAMBA Z’s Artist Salon, Brooklyn, NY-USA

October 2014, Greenpoint Open Studios, Brooklyn, NY-USA

October 2013-August 2019, Permanent works exhibition at Zaman Gallery, Beirut-Lebanon

April 2013, Discover Mar Mikhael, Beirut-Lebanon

September 2012, Discover Ashrafieh Fair, Beirut-Lebanon

August 2012, Les Jardins Ephemeres, Faqra-Lebanon

June 2012, Open Studio, The School of Visual Arts, New York City, NY-USA

Sept 2010, Painting exhibition, Hamra Festival, Beirut-Lebanon

Nov ‘08-Mar. ‘09, Solo painting exhibition, Graffiti Café in Hamra, Beirut-Lebanon

August 2007, “More Light than Death Could Bear”, Art Lounge, Beirut-Lebanon

June 1997, Painting exhibition, Gallery Bekhazi, Beirut-Lebanon

June 1996, Painting exhibition, Gallery Maraya, Beirut-Lebanon

June ’95 & ‘94, Student Exhibit, Lebanese American University, Beirut-Lebanon