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These art works are of my most recent collection 2012-Emancipation that I started in my residency at The School of Visual Arts in New York City in 2012. Through it I wanted to convey my body image struggles, through humor. It’s embodies fighting my demons with Art.

I decided to paint myself naked from memory and I drew awkward shapes and even distorted the part of my body that I hated and most importantly I included my struggles and my emotions. The objective was to look at these lovely art works and realize how beautiful they are and see beauty in myself rather than the ugliness and hence came self-acceptance. I wanted to exhibit boldness in my paintings and artistically tackle taboos to illustrate the beauty of the human body, away from the stereotypes clichéd by the media. Each painting carries a message that reflects its content; a content to which each viewer relates to differently. But they all conveyed the same theme Seeing beauty in Imperfection.

Met des fleurs...Utilise un drap, 2013 Mixed Media on canvas 80cmx100cm

Met des fleurs…Utilise un drap, 2013
Mixed Media on canvas

Epiphanies, 2012
Mixed Media on canvas
40cmx120cm (40cmx40cm each)


Mrs X.Z., 2012
Mixed Media on canvas


Hamra & Mishka, 2012
Mixed Media on paper


Chandelle, 2012
Mixed media on paper


Awakening, 2012
Mixed media on paper


Untitled 1, 2012
Pencil & Pastel on paper


Untitled 2, 2012
Pencil & Pastel on paper


Untitled 3, 2012
Pencil & Pastel on paper


Laura, 2012
Soft Pastel on paper

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Hilda Abla aka Hildos is Lebanese-Armenian artist living in Brooklyn. She started her artistic venture when she was 5 at the children art program at Lebanese American University, through which she pursued her Bachelor of Fine Arts later on. She is also holder of a master degree in Marketing and Communications from ESCP-EAP and attended painting residencies at School of Visual Arts. She exhibited her art work in several venues in Beirut and New York City and was featured in several magazines such as New York Art Magazine and Art Fuse. She believes that art comes with a responsibility and a message and her latest commitment is directed to changing the way women view their bodies and themselves and ‘Seeing beauty in Imperfection’.