Early Stages 1994-1997

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%$#@ Diet!!, 1995
Mixed Media & Collage on paper

Rebel without a cause, 1995
Grafitti on Jeans

Ouwayjen!!, 1995
Mixed Media on paper

Trippin, 1995
Acrylic on paper

You were born together and together you shall be forevermore, 1995
Mixed Media on paper

Paradise, 1995
Mixed Media on canvas

Lebanese Architecture v4, 1995
Mixed Media on paper

Lebanese Architecture v3, 1995
Mixed Media on canvas

Lebanese Architecture v2, 1995
Acrylic on paper

Renée, 1995
Ink & Charcoal on paper


Pleasure of the senses, 1995
Etching Needle Point
15cmx20cm each

Lebanese Architecture v1, 1994
Mixed Media on paper

Moods, 1994
Mixed Media on canvas

Mirror, 1994
Oil on canvas


Written by

Hilda Abla aka Hildos is Lebanese-Armenian artist living in Brooklyn. She started her artistic venture when she was 5 at the children art program at Lebanese American University, through which she pursued her Bachelor of Fine Arts later on. She is also holder of a master degree in Marketing and Communications from ESCP-EAP and attended painting residencies at School of Visual Arts. She exhibited her art work in several venues in Beirut and New York City and was featured in several magazines such as New York Art Magazine and Art Fuse. She believes that art comes with a responsibility and a message and her latest commitment is directed to changing the way women view their bodies and themselves and ‘Seeing beauty in Imperfection’.